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What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept major credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, and Discover; Debit Card; Wire-In transfer from your bank; or Check. For faster processing, check images can be emailed or faxed to us. There is a $35 fee for bounced checks.

Can I fax or email an order? What details should I include?
Yes, you can fax your order to (510)781-1828 or toll free at (800)844-8885. For current customers, please include your customer code (6 characters), customer name, contact name, address, phone number, and email to best reach you. New customers please call us first, before placing an order. You may have to fill a business application before ordering. Your order list must include an item number (5 digits) and order quantity. If you don't know the item number, please note the description and product size of case (eg. 18X16OZ).

Do I have to be a business to purchase from you?
Yes. U.S. TRADING COMPANY is a business to business distributor and we do not service end consumers. All of our clients are either restaurants, small or large grocers, caterers, or similar food service businesses.

How do I become a customer?
To become a customer, fill out our business application. Submit the form online, or fax the application to us at (510)781-1828. Due to the volume of applications, a sales representative will contact you within 1-3 business days to setup your account.

I'm an individual and I'm willing to buy several cases of the thing I want. Will you sell it to me?
We apologize, but we do not sell to individuals — no exceptions. We sell wholesale to businesses only. Our typical orders ship by the pallet.

What's the minimum order amount?
For delivery orders, a minimum of 1 pallet of merchandise applies. There is no minimum for pickup customers. Please call our office toll free at (800)844-8885 for further details.

I haven't ordered from you in 4 Years, do I have to get my credit checked again or reapply?
Yes, if you haven't ordered from us after 1 year or if there is a change in ownership, please reapply. Your references and credit must be re-verified in order to place a new order. Fill out our business application.

Where do you ship to?
We ship to businesses in the contiguous United States, Alaska and Hawaii. We are also able to ship internationally. Please call our office or your sales rep to place an order.

Do you do international shipments?
Yes. We can also arrange for booking.

Can you deliver an order overseas by container?
Yes. We can also arrange for booking.

Do you charge fees or interest on late payments?
We charge a 1.5% monthly fee on invoices past their due dates. Please call our accounts receivable department to settle outstanding invoices.

What payment terms do you offer?
We offer PREPAY, NET7, NET30. Terms other than PREPAY require a credit check.

How can I check my outstanding balance?
Please call our office at (510)781-1818 and any representative will be able to help you. You may also check your balance online when you login. Go to My Account > My Account Home.

How do I get in touch with accounts receivable?
By email at or by calling us at (510)781-1818 and asking for accounts receivable.

When will my order arrive?
Transit time for local orders within the Bay Area and surrounding counties is within 1 business day. Depending on the availability of trucking, transit time for out of state orders is within 10 business days. If your order has not arrived within the estimated time frame, please call us at (510)781-1818, so we can track the status of your order.

Do you offer specials or promotions?
Yes, we have monthly promotions released on the first of each month. Login in to our website to see our monthly promotion flyer and discount details. For current customers, your sales representative will also have a printed copy for you to review. Want to know right away? Go to our promotions page or call our office to ask.

Do you offer local pickup?
Yes. You can pickup at our facility at 21118 Cabot Blvd., Hayward, CA 94545. Get directions. For hours of operation please visit the contact us page.

What is your local delivery radius?
Centered at Hayward, CA, we deliver within a 150 mile radius. Outside of this area would require third party carrier.

Which carrier do you use to ship interstate?
We have third party logistic partners that we consistently use to provide our customers with reliable on time delivery at a reasonable price. Our long term partnerships with these providers have built a certain level of trust that we then extend to our customers.

Do you offer bulk discounts?
Yes! We offer volume discounts on many popular products such as rice, noodles and sauces. Volume discounts can be arranged when an order level rises to multiple pallets, container loads or truck loads.

Can I specify my delivery day?
Delivery dates can be requested, and we will try our best to accommodate you. But due to various factors, we cannot guarantee a specific date. Local customers are delivered on a weekly scheduled basis. Out of state deliveries are grouped and processed by vicinity to optimize shipments to save our customers money. Your sales representative can provide you an estimated delivery date.

Do you charge sales tax?

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Customer Service

What's your return policy?
Returns/Adjustments can be made within 7 days of Receipt. Items must be unopened and in their original packaging.

Some items arrived damage. Can I get a replacement or refund?
A replacement or refund can be issued for damaged items. Please take photos of the damaged item(s) and send to . Please be sure to include your invoice number, item number (5 digits) with description, and the best way to reach you. Local customers please keep the damaged item(s) (do not throw them away!) and give them to your U.S. Trading delivery driver to return to our warehouse.

How can I track my order?
Local customers who expect their delivery to arrive on a certain day can call our office and get an estimated time of arrival. Out of state deliveries are a little trickier. We can gather which stores have been delivered to and when you can expect to be next on the list.

I just received my order today and the price has changed, do you do price adjustments?
Due to price fluctuations in the market and the competitiveness of the industry, we cannot do price adjustments.

I received more than what I ordered.
We try our best to pack your order accurately and safely. If you have received more than your expected quantity, please call our office for further instructions.

I received less than what I ordered.
Our warehouse has picking and auditing processes to do our best to deliver an accurate order. Sometimes a discrepancy falls between the cracks. In the rare situation where you were shorted a product, please contact our office. Please have your customer number, invoice number, and item number(s) of shorted item(s) before your call. We'll try our best to rectify the situation.

An item is missing from my order.
If you have received multiple pallets, please be sure to break down all pallets to assure your item is missing. Small items like food coloring are sometimes packaged in a random cardboard box or in a plastic bag. Please also check that you have been charged for the item in question and has a marked "shipped quantity." If indeed you are missing an item, please call our office and provide your customer number, invoice number, item number(s) of missing item(s) and we will try our best to resolve the issue.

I was billed incorrectly for an order.
Please call our office and any representative can help you. Please be sure to have your customer number, invoice number, and item(s) charges/fees in question available before calling.

How do I return an item?
Unopened merchandise can be returned or credited within 7 days of receipt. Local customers, please hand your returns to your U.S. Trading delivery driver. Out of State customers may have to ship the return back to our warehouse. Please call our office for return authorization and instructions.

How do I cancel an order?
Please call our office and provide your customer number and when your order was placed. Any phone representative will be able to help you. We're sorry, but any orders that have been shipped and are on route cannot be canceled. Please call our office after your shipment arrives.

I received expired product. What are my options?
At U.S. Trading Company, we have processes in place to retire expired products or sell aging items first before we sell newly stocked products. In the rare case you do happen to notice an expired item, please take a picture of the item and a close up of the expiration date and send it to . If you still have the case, please provide case UPC, lot number or any case identifiers for us to track down the particulars of your inventory item.

Can I request a copy of all my invoices?
Yes you can by calling our office. Any representative can help you receive hardcopies. You can also login to our website under My Account and click on Order History where you can print them out online.

How do I obtain my financial account history?
Please contact our accounts receivable department to receive the information you need or email .

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Do you have a print catalog? How can I get one?
Yes, we have a print catalog that we release on a yearly basis. Phone-in customers who place their orders can request that a catalog be included with your order. We can also mail copies to you by calling us, emailing , or filling out our contact us form.

Do you offer donations?
We rarely have excess inventory, product close to expiration, or discontinued products for food donations. We do care about philanthropy, so please call our office and let us know how we can help.

Where can an end consumer buy your product?
If you cannot find an item at your local Asian grocer, please give us a call for a recommendation or email us at .

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How can I tell if a product has been recalled?
If there is a recall on a product, we will contact any of our customers affected. We will also post this information on our website under My Account.

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Online Ordering

Does the website show all the products you carry?
Majority of the products are displayed online. If you are looking for an item that you think we carry or want us to carry, please call or email .

How do I know my personal information is secure?
All of our online customers are anonymized on our server. No personal information is stored on our online database. Credit card and other financial and tax information is stored off line and displayed "on demand" via SSL connection.

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