Brown Rice Congee w/ Boiled Egg & Pickled Turmeric


1 CUP Rinsed and drained Df * Brown * Thai Rice

9 CUPS Df Chicken Broth (xl)can)

4 eggs soft boiled

Salt and pepper to taste

Soy sauce to taste

Garnishes: Pickled turmeric

Garnishes: Quick pickled shallots

Garnishes: Fresh cilantro & snipped chive

Cooking Instructions

Add brown rice & stock at medium stockpot & bring to boil. Reduce to simmer & cook uncovered, stir occasionally to prevent rice from stick to bottom.

Continue simmer for about an hour to hour and half until it reaches consistency of porridge. Add more stock or water if thinner consistency is desired

Season to taste with salt and/or soy sauce & pepper. Keep warm on stove while eggs cook. Cook eggs in salted boiling water for about 3 minutes.

Once cooked to desired consistency, remove one egg at a time with spoon & carefully peel under cool running water. Set aside until all 4 eggs peeled.

Divide porridge to four bowl & 1 soft boiled egg to each (prefer halved). Garnish with pickled turmeric, shallots, fresh cilantro & snipped chives.

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