Korean Pyogo Pajeon (Pancake w Shiitake Mushrooms)


2 cups All Purpose Flour

1/2 teaspoon Morton Iodized Salt

4, 5 pyogo beosut Joyluck Strip Shiitake Mr

2 cups ice-cold water

1 egg, lightly beaten

1 bunch of scallions, cut into strips

Cooking Instructions

Mix dry ingredients (minus the dipping sauce) together in a mixing bowl until a thick batter is created. It should be similar thickness as regular pancake batter.

Heat a non-stick frying pan over medium-high heat and add a generous amount of olive oil. When hot, pour half of the batter evenly over the pan. Add the scallion and mushroom strips by slightly pressing them into the batter.

Cook for about 7, 8 minutes or until the bottom and its edges are browned. Carefully flip over and cook for about 5 more minutes or until browned.

Meanwhile, mix ingredients for the dipping sauce & set aside. For sauce: 1 TB soy sauce; 1 tsp brown sugar; 1 tsp rice vinegar or cider vinegar; sprinkle of sesame seeds; sprinkle of red chili pepper flakes; vegetable oil, for frying

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