Pad Thai


1 package Df Rice Noodle (red Label)

1 tsp Df Tamarind Concentrate

2 TB C&h Pure Cane Sugar

2 TB Df Fish Sauce (super) (l)

1 tsp Crushed Red Chili Pepper

1 TB Blanched Peanuts

250g fresh shrimps, shelled and deveined

1 tsp cooking oil

2 red shallots*, finely chopped

1 bunch Chinese chives, finely chopped

a handful of bean sprouts

1 egg

50g firm Tofu, cut into thin cubes, fried till golden

1 tsp white radish shredded

3 small spring onions, diagonally chopped.

Cooking Instructions

If using ready to cook noodles, follow packet instructions. If using dried rice noodles, soak in water for 2 hours until soft, when ready to use drain. Prepare sauce: Simmer sugar, tamarind water, and fish sauce on medium heat, until sugar dissolves.

In a skillet, sprinkle a little bit of oil and place on range top. When the oil is hot stir fry the shrimps till just about changing in colour (1/2 coooked). remove from heat and place in bowl, to slow down the cooking process. Set aside.

In wok over medium heat, heat oil and fry the chopped shallots until begin to color. Crack in the egg and stir to break egg apart. Add fried tofu and white radish. Toss to coat.Add drained noodles and stir fry, until the noodles are slightly coloured

Add prepared sauce and sprinkle with red chili powder, toss to mix. Simmer gently about a minute. If wok content appears to be dry, add a little extra oil. Add half of cooked shrimp, chopped chives and the bean sprouts, toss and cook stir for 1 min.

Pile the Pad Thai on serving plate, sprinkle with crushed peanuts, chopped spring onions and chives. Serve with a wedge of lime.

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