16oz Df Peel Straw Mshrm (red)

4tbsp Jhc Hot/sour Paste (tomyum)(l)

4pcs Df Baby Young Corn

2pcs Df Bamboo Shoot (tip)

6pcs Peeled Shrimp

16oz Clams

2stalks Lemon Grass Sticks

Cooking Instructions

Trim lemon grass sticks and cut into matchstick like pieces

To make stock: Add the shrimp heads and shells to water, then cook for 20 minutes.

Turn the fire off. Soak the heads and shells for further 20 minutes before discarding.

Add stock, lemon grass, sour soup paste (TomYum) and bring to a boil.

After boiling for 5 minutes, add shrimps, straw mushrooms, bamboo shoot tips (cut), and young corn

Cook for further 10 minutes and then Enjoy.

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